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About the digital guide

There is nothing better – or more Australian – than enjoying a family barbecue in your own backyard.

At Rosella, we know that nothing tastes as good as home grown – or home cooked – food, especially when it’s eaten in the great outdoors.

We decided to uncover some tried and true secrets to the perfect BBQ and create a book that is by every day Australians, for Australians. This completely free digital guide provides you with insight from you guys on how to create the best barbeque this summer.

Did you know

  • Beer isn’t just a popular Aussie BBQ beverage – it could also actually be good for you! Researchers have found that marinating meat in beer before grilling it can help to soak up free radicals and ultimately could reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  • You can’t master a BBQ without the right equipment, and our amazing fans have plenty of suggestions of useful accessories that will help you to get the job done. Long handed tongs and the humble kitchen spatula are both good for gently flipping steaks and chops without piercing the meat. If you are looking for a natural option, consider using a handful of fresh herbs dipped in oil to baste and move the meat.