Blue Banner Pickled Onions

Blue Banner Pickled Onions 525g

The legend of the famous Tasmanian pickled onion continues. Crisp and crunchy, Blue Banner pickled onions commenced in the South of Tasmania as a cottage industry earlier last century. Using premium quality Tasmanian onions and a closely guarded secret recipe we continue to manufacture in the same time tested tradition to produce the finest traditional pickled onions for the enjoyment of onion connoisseurs around the world.

per 100ml
Energy (kJ) 327
Calories (cal) 78
Protein (g) <1 g
Total Fat (g) <1 g
Saturated Fat (g) <1 g
Total Carbohydrate (g) 18.0
Sugars (g) 13.0
Dietary Fibre (g) 1.6
Sodium (mg) 1000


Onions (53%), Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulator (260, 270), Salt, Peppercorns, Colour (150C)



Proudly found on shelves across Australia