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About Us

Rosella was founded in the late 1800s and since this time, its mission has been to provide Australians quality, purity and taste through its products with an uncompromising attitude to only using the best of ingredients.

Despite a long and distinguished career of serving our country with the best of Australian produce, Rosella went into decline from the 1980’s onwards because its owners at the time did not follow the original vision of the founders.

Rosella was purchased in 2013 by the Australian family owned company Sabrands who immediately set about restoring the original vision for the brand. The immediate focus was on restoring Rosella’s significant ingredients using Australian grown produce, where possible, which is known to be some of the best in the world, as well as supporting Australian businesses.

Rosella is a wholly Australian family-owned company and all products are manufactured in Australia.

Australia has been called the lucky country for generations.

Rich fertile soil, temperate climates and the dedication of local farmers, make the quality of Australian amongst the best in
the world.

In recent years, the Australian government and various industry groups have invested in land care and sustainable farm practices to ensure:

  • The integrity, safety and sustainability of our soils, maintaining our pristine growing environments;
  • Clean, well prepared fruit and vegetables safe from microbiological contaminants including animals, insects, soil manures, water and pesticide residues;
  • Freshness testing with full traceability back to our farms;
  • Faster from farm to table which ensures you get only the freshest, best tasting produce.

All of this results in world-class taste and freshness. Rosella is proud to be supporting Australia in three key ways:

  • Using Australian Grown ingredients, where possible;
  • Being Australian Made, ensuring all production is kept in Australia;
  • Being Australian Owned, ensuring jobs and profits stay here in Australia.

We support Australia because we’re Australian Grown

By using core ingredients grown in Australia, including regional Victoria’s most pristine tomato growing areas, we are backing Australian farmers and ensuring they can keep producing the best tasting, highest quality produce.

We support Australia because we’re Australian Made

By making Rosella products right here in Australia, we are creating jobs in our factories. It is hard-working Australians who are mixing the Rosella sauces and canning the Rosella soups in factories across the country. Rosella sauces are bottled in Victoria and our soups are canned in South Australia.

We support Australia because we’re Australian Owned

As an Australian Owned company we are generating wealth for Australia that stays in Australia. We are creating jobsfor factory workers, helping farmers grow, building supply chains for other local companies and creating opportunities for staff Rosella directly employs.

A Brief History of Rosella

  • Rosella played an important part in the growth of Australia from a largely agricultural economy to a manufacturing one since launching in a Carlton backyard in 1895.
  • The company played a part in Australia’s development into a manufacturing economy and laid the foundation for our global outlook, exporting to Africa, China and India by 1912.
  • Profits grew rapidly from 1919 to 1928 and products widened to include tomato sauce, chutney, canned spaghetti, pork and beans, soup, olives, olive oil and peanut butter.
  • By 1924 Rosella was making 63 products in factories in Adelaide, Hobart, Bendigo and Richmond in inner Melbourne.
  • In 1929, Sir Douglas Mawson’s expedition to the Antarctic benefited from a generous Rosella donation of soup and jam.
  • By 1930 Rosella was producing 100 varieties and was among the biggest food producers in the country.
  • In the 1940s Rosella played a key role in supplying Australian and US troops, at one stage 80 per cent of production going to our brave men and women.
  • Rosella moved into TV advertising in the 1960s, featuring the Warren Mitchell character Alf Garnett. The ads tapped into the national psyche of the time, typifying Australia’s growing social independence from the UK.
  • In 1994, 4.8 million litres of Rosella Tomato Sauce was sold.
  • Wholly Australian family owned company Sabrands rescued the iconic label late in 2012.
  • Rosella announced on August 14, 2013 its first products were returning to supermarkets across Australia.
  • Sales have been beyond expectations thanks to the support of Australian consumers and retailers.

"By 1930 Rosella boasted 100 varieties and was one of a handful of Australian food businesses that led Australia's progression from a rural, agricultural economy to an industrialised one."

The Home Grown quality, purity and taste that Australians know and love, and that led to the label being Australia's No.1 choice, is a cornerstone of Rosella.

A brand synonymous with Australia’s development over a century, through world wars to the kitchens of generations of families, Rosella has embarked on another chapter in its rich history and what could be its most important yet.

We truly are the lucky country with fertile soils that produce some of the best tasting, highest quality food in the world.

In recent times, Rosella has focused on returning its products to the vision of its founders - an ongoing journey, and uncompromising approach to the quality, purity and taste.

Rosella is proudly committed to supporting Australia by offering world-class quality products made right here at home and, as such, has focused on moving significant ingredients back to Australian grown and made. They believe that this is right for Australia and the future of all Australians. It is still a work in progress but is Rosella’s vision for the future.

Nothing tastes as good as Home Grown.