Rosella Product Range
Rosella – Where it all began

In 1895, two Carlton mates began a backyard venture of fruit preserves and sauces. They called the company Rosella, evoking its incredible instincts for selecting only the ripest fruit. These instincts paid off, with Australians immediately falling in love with their products. Today, our knack for taste is as sharp as ever, as we continue to find and celebrate exciting flavours for an evolving Australia.

Rosella – Historical Cookbooks

‘A massive thank you for using glass bottles. When I shop my priorities are made in Australia and non plastic packaging. So thank you for this.’

‘Super impressed with your Organic sauces range. I’ve loved the brand since a kid and I’m so happy to see it in Australian hands.’

‘Had Rosella tomato sauce as a kid and recently discovered the chutney. Think it’s wonderful and glad that it’s Australian owned and grown.’